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Korean musical artist psy's “gangnam style” came out back in 2012 — and, thanks to a zany music video, became a viral hit that broke youtube (in fact, it was youtube's most-watched video up until last year's success of “despacito”) and six years later at the winter olympics opening ceremony in. Psy-nomenon seems to be finally reaching its limit – at least for its video after five years of maintaining the title as youtube's most-viewed video with more than 28 billion views, gangnam style by k-pop artist psy has been defeated by united states rapper wiz khalifa's see you again, featuring charlie. Psy - 'i luv it' m/v @ psy - 'new face' m/v @ psy - 8th album '4x2=8' on itunes @ https:// smarturli. At new year's eve parties, according to spotify, a perennial streaming favourite is“gangnam style” and five years ago this month it became the first video to achieve more than 1bn views on youtube released in july 2012, the song spread around the world so rapidly that it “broke” youtube's play.

How to do the gangnam style dance gangnam style, the smash hit from korean recording artist psy, owes its success to two things: the catchiness of the song, and the iconic horsey dance that goes with it follow the steps on this page to. Psy's gangnam style is no longer the most-watched video on youtube the south korean megahit had been the site's most-played clip for the last five years the surreal video became so popular that it broke youtube's play counter, exceeding the maximum possible number of views (2,147,483,647),. For 48 straight hours in early july, korean pop star psy and his crew drove seoul's crowded highways in search of absurdist settings for his sexy horse dance obviously, they succeeded – gangnam style is not only spontaneously, ridiculously funny, it has snagged more than 167 million youtube views. As first predicted by digital music news, luis fonsi's 'despacito' has surpassed psy's 'gangnam style' in youtube it may also soon reach the top spot.

Infinite gangnam style sorry, this app needs advanced web audio your browser doesn't support it try the latest version of chrome play infinite gangnam style created with raphaël 210 total beats: 0 listen time: 00:00:00 infinite mode video powered by the echo nest and psy read the faq check out the iphone. Psy's viral hit 'gangnam style' is no longer the most-watched video on youtube after being released in 2012, the 'gangnam style' video became the first video on the website to reach one billion views – but now its overall view count has been overtaken by wiz khalifa and charlie puth khalifa's 2015.

North korea may be willing to negotiate on denuclearisation, but allowing outlandish south korean pop star psy to inflict his provocative dance moves on pyongyang is apparently a step too far seoul is reportedly pushing for the inclusion of psy, one of the country's best known artists on the world stage,. Gangnam style is a 2012 dance pop single written and performed by korean pop singer psy its music video has gone viral on youtube with more than 8 million views in two weeks. Years after it first took over the planet and introduced millions, if not billions, of people to k-pop music, psy's “gangnam style” has finally reached three billion views on youtube, the platform that started it all for the south korean star “ gangnam style” is the third clip on the video hosting platform to pass.

Park jae-sang, better known as psy, is no longer the king of youtube views, that is five years after the video for gangnam style was posted, and four-and-a -half years after that video was the first on the site to be viewed 1 billion times, the korean pop star has been ousted from the top of the mountain. Share funny stories about this video here category people & blogs license standard youtube license show more show less comments • 12,777 default profile photo add a public comment top comments top comments newest first dtorr_14 months ago i'm here in 2018 anyone else. Watch 'gangnam style' from psy 'break' youtube at 215 billion views written by brian anthony hernandez over 3 years ago when psy's video for his korean dance hit 'gangnam style' reached 2,147,483,647, the view counter on youtube started going haywire watch the madness here. On monday, a worker at la's dodger stadium noticed park in the stands and played gangnam style over the stadium pa system as excited baseball fans spontaneously reproduced park's distinct dance in the video i have to admit i've watched it about 15 times, said a cnn anchor of course, no one.

Gangnam style

Earlier this week, “gangnam style” was knocked off its perch as the most viewed video on youtube korean pop star psy had held the title since november 2012, when he became the first person to reach 1 billion views, then 2 billion, breaking youtube's view counter in the process alas, wiz khalifa and. Party's over as korean rapper psy shelves 'gangnam style' and returns to roots christine kim 3 min read seoul (reuters) - south korean rapper psy has gone back to basics with his eighth full-length album, paying greater attention to his home fans while doing what he loves most - “going crazy” on.

  • For a while, it looked as if psy's gangnam style would have an unassailable lead as the most-viewed youtube video after all, the catchy k-pop tune was so popular that it broke youtube's view counter however, it's time to crown a new champion as of 5:30pm eastern on july 10th, the music video for.
  • There's a new record-breaking, most-watched youtube video — wiz khalifa and charlie puth's “see you again” the warner music group artists recently surpassed the insanely compelling 5-year-old dance video “gangnam style” by psy, youtube records show “see you again,” from the movie “furious.

City brands lacking seoul why south korea's thriving capital is having an identity crisis from the confusing new slogan iseoulu to the viral sensation of gangnam style – an inside joke about the city's success that was lost on most foreign viewers – seoul is a city struggling to define its brand but why published: 18 jul. The viral video for gangnam style is no longer the most-watched video on youtube, almost exactly five years after its release the music video accompanying the song by korean artist psy became the first on the website to reach one billion views, and forced the website to upgrade its storage capabilities. The music video of gangnam style by recording artist psy is currently the fourth most viewed and the fourth most liked video on youtube it was directed by cho soo-hyun the music video was filmed in seoul for 48 straight hours the video was premiered on july 15, 2012 and was later made available to download. South korean singer psy's global megahit 'gangnam style' topped 3 billion views on youtube the single was released in july 2012.

gangnam style Title: video pandemics: worldwide viral spreading of psy's gangnam style video authors: zsofia kallus, daniel kondor, jozsef steger, istvan csabai, eszter bokanyi, gabor vattay (submitted on 14 jul 2017) abstract: viral videos can reach global penetration traveling through international channels of communication.
Gangnam style
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